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Shahid Kapoor’s Diet Plan To Get 8 pack Abs

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Shahid Kapoor’s weight loss plan To Get eight % Abs

Getting an 8 pack or building a frame like that may be a super look to have, however takes great dedication, sacrifice. Hats off to Shahid for his chiseled look! In case you need to recognize how to get that body, we’ll tell you how you may get it:

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Seems obvious, but to achieve a chiseled body like Shahid, you need to be extremely regular at the gym.

And each workout has to be a challenging workout. At Shahid Kapoor’s level of fitness, making a challenging workout is even tougher. He needs to make sure that he grows or maintains his current muscle while keeping his body fat minimum. A fine balance between cardiovascular exercise and weight training is needed to get that chiseled body.


Besides, challenging and regular workouts, its important to be on an extremely calculated nutrition plan; Calculated to ensure the right combination of protein, carbohydrates, and fats.

Along with the right combination, timing of nutrition is extremely important. Ensuring you get the right breakfast, pre workout snack, post workout snack, and meals through the day.


It doesn’t seem obvious to most people, but you definitely need some supplements to get that muscled, and have such low body fat content. Creatine is a very common supplement that most muscular guys take. Read all about creatine monohydrate. Besides creatine, Shahid happens to be a vegetarian, so he must take whey protein supplements, to ensure he gets enough protein in his diet.





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