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Self-defence techniques

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Look, we’ll break it to you easy: You don’t have enough awesome James Bond moves in your hand-to-hand combat arsenal. And while we absolutely don’t advise you use these on anyone who isn’t seriously attacking you, we’re hard-pressed to believe that anyone would fuck with you if you practiced these on those little shits at the elementary school.

To help take your combat skills to the next level, we asked our readers to help us put this self-defense guide together and gave money for the best ass-kicking tip.

1 360 defence krav maga

360 defence krav maga

360 DEFENSE is a fundamental Krav Maga defensive. It is typically introduced early in the curriculum. It allows the practitioner in neutral stance to defend against a sudden attack at any angle from the periphery (“outside”). It may be considered a blocking or parrying technique and is virtually never to be used in isolation; a 360 defense is always associated with counterattacks, the first of which is preferably delivered simultaneously with the 360 defense.

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2 Round kick Muay Thai

Round kick Muay Thai

The rear round kick is one of the most iconic and devastating techniques in the muay thai arsenal. It is complex multi-phase movement which requires coordination, balance, and a certain degree of flexibility.

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3 Shoulder Throw Pankration

Shoulder Throw Pankration


From a clinch, the opponent attempts a shoulder throw. Maneuver onto his back while using you free hand to push against his lower back. This will interrupt his momentum in throwing you. Then take him to the ground with a rear stranglehold while applying a leg scissors about this waist.

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4 Rear Leg Front kick kung fu

Rear Leg Front kick kung fu

The front kick can be delivered from the front or rear leg. Kicking with the rear leg is more common and more comfortable for most practitioners. The rear-leg front kick is a natural motion; it’s easier for kickers to shift their balance and put their weight behind the kick. The rear-leg kick, especially from a relatively deep stance, often enables kickers to crash right through an opponent’s block.

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5 Rear Naked Choke Marine Martial Arts

Rear Naked Choke Marine Martial Arts

The rear naked choke (RNC) is a chokehold in martial arts applied from an opponent’s back. The choke hold is very effective in folding the vocal cord if used in self defence. Depending on the context, the term may refer to one of two variations of the technique; either arm can be used to apply the choke in both cases.

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