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A healthy Diet plan to lose weight

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 Healthy Diet Plan      


You’ll lose weight quickly without feeling hungry or deprived with our meal plans, which are tailored to you and your lifestyle.

Using Motivation’s meal plans you will:

  • No longer have cravings
  • Lose an average of 1 stone in 4 to 6 weeks*
  • Eat 3 meals a day, plus snacks
  • Eat from all the food groups
  • Never feel hungry or deprived
  • Have much more energy
  • Have a healthy, toned appearance
  • Lower your cholesterol and regulate blood sugar levels
  • Feel fantastic, better than you ever felt


C O M M O N    C A L O R I E    C O N T E N T S

0-150 Calories

Coke/soft drinks 1 can – 150 calories

Chocolate – for 1 small bar – 130 calories

Biscuits – Marie small packet of 6 – 150 calories

1 tea spoon of sugar – 15 calories

1 tablespoon of oil used in cooking ~ 83 calories

1 glass of coffee & tea – 45 calories

Fried onion pakodas – small

150 Calories Chips

1 packet lets normal small packet – 160 calories

Burger Macdonald’s veg – 240 calories

Slice of pizza – 300 calories

French fries – one small portion 245 calories

1 Parantha – 265 calories

Masala Dosa – 210 calories

Veg 300 calories /Chicken 450 calories /Mutton 750 calories Biryani – 1 Bowl

D O N ‘ T S

Don’t eat these food Products

Chiwda/poha Chakli Papad Pickle

Non veg should be grilled tikka/roasted not fried

Vegetables & Fruits

All vegetables are allowed except Potato, Sweet Potato Lifestyle Choices No fried foods No smoking or alcohol Sugar less than 1 tsp/day


Exercise 40-45 minutes walk everyday or some sport for 30-45 minutes

Salads daily

Milk everyday without sugar

Include lots of leafy vegetables and salad in the diet Eat more whole foods, Natural products that have not been processed/preserved

Consume whole fruits with skin to increase fibre

5 Try to add Dals or Soyabean to the vegetables

Lifestyle Choices

Drink 3-4 liters of water per day

2 Consume small frequent meals

Eat slowly, chew the food properly

4 Use nonstick pots and pans for cooking

Recommended oil intake : 500ml/person/month



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