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Top Best Games of 2017

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After playing through countless hours of video games, The Independent’s staff has managed to create an end-of-year list featuring games from across all genres. Of course, there could only be one number one, and a worthy (unsurprising) winner has come out top.

Here Some top Games of the year.

1 “The Sniper Elite series might have started off as a one-trick pony (albeit it a pretty good one), but the studio has changed just enough with each iteration to keep the game fresh. Sniper Elite 4 introduces more new ideas than ever before, making it the most in-depth and rewarding game so far.




2  “The massively anticipated sequel to the original, Destiny 2 makes good on its promise of improving pretty much everything that was iffy about the first game… A better story, bigger and more impressive set-pieces, and an all-round better progression system make Destiny 2 one of the most content-rich multiplayer shooters out there – it’ll likely keep you entertained for hours.”




 “The Yakuza series might be immensely popular in its native Japan, but outside a cult fanbase, it’s never really found its feet in the west. Yakuza 0 could well be the game that changes that, thanks to an intriguing story line and a totally bonkers world that surprises you at every turn.”



4   “Terrifying from the off, Resident Evil 7 is a gruesome and macabre first-person horror experience. Making full use of PSVR, too, it’s a game that toys with your fears as it leads you through its incredibly detailed and unsettling, unpleasant locations… A return to form for the series after a couple of lacklustre, more action-rooted efforts in the last few years.”

Resident evil

5  Assassin’s Creed was at the pinnacle of triple-A gaming, astounding critics and winning multiple awards. The series’ downfall began following the release of Black Flag… After a year off the series has returned and Origins marks a return to form, all thanks to a beautiful setting, engaging story, and massive world.

Assissn creed


6  Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus is a game that many expected to be decent, based on the excellent first game. This time around it’s had a bit more polish, and a whole load more narrative thrown in, which oddly, for a series that has traditionally been primarily about wall to wall action, shouldn’t really work, but absolutely does. The characters will stick with you long after you’ve emptied your last magazine, and it’s this that elevates a good shooter to a brilliant one. A must-have for those who want a pure, single-player experience.”



 “Horizon: Zero Dawn is clearly a labour of love from Guerilla, and the whole experience feels slick and well polished. Through a combination of gorgeous graphics and artstyle, compelling gameplay and original premise, it easily joins the elite of must-own PS4 games.”

Horizon: Zero Dawn

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