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Best Hairstyles for Girls in Winters

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Have you decided any hairstyle for this winter? If your answer is No, then this article helps you.

1. Poker Straight Hairstyle

Poker Straight Hairstyle

It is the most gentle & elegant hairstyle which never goes out of fashion. Those who have long hair can apply this stunning hairstyle. It is trendy in all seasons & you can use it will professional style straightener, however, to have a great look one should have healthy hairs


2. Curly Hairstyle

Curly Hairstyle

It gives a cool & funky look & you can easily apply it with a professional curler. It is easy to adapt & gives you a fashionable look. It doesn’t require much shampooing.


3. High Ponytail

High Ponytail

It gives you both office professional look as well as casual look, easy to apply with a simple hairband or stylish hair holder. It cures your hairs from split ends. Ponytail saves your time & hustle and helps to look powerful.

4. Braids


Though it is difficult to apply braids but it gives a fashionable look. It is time taking but protects your hair during traveling. There are various types of braids such as Beginner’s boho, faux fishtail, plaited buns, hairs in knots, French braids & many more.


5. Half-Up Hair

Half-Up Hair

It is quite trendy nowadays among girls as it is less time taking & gives a cool or casual look. Half French braid has set a trend these days. It is easy to apply, you just need to section off the front side & crown to the top with an elastic rubber. You can also use halfback with a bow.


6. Bun


Grab your hairs with gel & hairspray and easily brush it with a comb at your back until it’s tight in a low bun. You can experiment it with side bun or side part or put a top knot which is also the signature look of Bella Hadid. You can apply various buns such as the sleek bun, ballerina bun, Chic Cuff & many more.

Best Hairstyles for Girls in Winters
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Best Hairstyles for Girls in Winters
Have you decided any hairstyle for this winter? If your answer is No, then article helps you.
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