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Top 5 Mistakes about Cafe Racer Projects

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So today in my bog we discuss 5 mistakes that beginners do while manufacturing cafe racer motorbike.

cafe race Yamaha custom

1 Complicated to build

You probably were expecting this point. But it cannot be stressed enough. We all know that cafe racer riding is about being a part of a community based on that everybody is actually a little different. And yet connected by passion. But it does bother You that You’ll have another CX500 so decide to go for a Honda Africa Twin:)

Yamaha has the XS series, in 360, 400 or 650 capacities. Forget the XS500 or TX500, unless you’ve got tons of time and money. Then there’s the SR400 and SR500, and even the Viragos are now getting lots of attention.

From Kawasaki, you can pick a Z of any size. But it was Suzuki that produced some of the best air-cooled inline fours, like the GS750/1000s—which is why Pops Yoshimura gave them so much love. And why you see hardly any for sale these days.

2 Don’t depress

It’s very important to know about Your own predispositions. If You’re an old dog / biker / mechanic, that just wants to do some creative work rather than fixing . You can skip this point. But if You are impulsive, young (probably) person who is super enthusiastic in the beginning of every adventure and get’s bored after few days. Or if You change Your mind often (ex. regarding the paint job, or the general line of the bike)… Or if You came to a conclusion that Your taste in color choices are a little… “Controversial”…

3 Rushing to build 

All these bikes will most likely have the same issues, because they were all manufactured at least 30 to 40 years ago. We’re talkin’ about the 70s, when bikes were gaining power with each new model year but the handling was lagging behind.

  • cafe racer
    cafe racer

4 Cutting Costs

If You suddenly feel the urge of spending $500 on cool cafe racer parts, because Rizoma just released a Vintage series of something… aaaaand it’s quite probable that You will never use them, as the concept will change 3 times before they arrive – wait it out. Sleep on it. Do whatever works for You… Seriously – writing from experience here. I have a full box of not used blinkers, barend mirrors, grips, different colors of exhaust wrap and accessories that I bought and… changed my mind. Of course part of these are the things that didn’t match the rest when actually put in place or were very inpractical… but in general – think hard.

5 Giving up

It’s hard to stay strong when you feel like giving up. It feels like your world is crumbling down around you, and there is no option out. The reason why we think like this is that we forget about the big picture. We focus on the minor things and not the major things that are important in our life.

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